Detroit City Council Formal Session

Detroit City Council

Tuesday, July 2, 2024
10:00 a.m. — 2:00 p.m. EDT

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Edited and summarized by the Detroit - MI Documenters Team

Note-taking by Allise Hurd

Public comment on solar projects, demolitions and property tax overassessments; Councilmember Angela Whitfield Calloway pushed back on city funds used to demolish properties of neglectful owners.

Live reporting by Carole Hawke

Public comment on solar projects, demolitions and property tax overassessments; Councilmember Angela Whitfield Calloway pushed back on city funds used to demolish properties of neglectful owners.

Carole Hawke @hawke48223
Hello, Detroit Documenters! I will be live-tweeting for the Detroit City Council Formal Session for DETdocumenters @DetDocumenters media partners: @BridgeDet313 @chalkbeatDET @freep @metrotimes @michigan_public @media_outlier @PlanetDetroit @wdet @wxyzdetroit.

08:58 AM Jul 2, 2024 CDT

Carole Hawke @hawke48223 5/188
@DetDocumenters @BridgeDet313 @chalkbeatDET @freep @metrotimes @michigan_public @media_outlier @PlanetDetroit @wdet @wxyzdetroit If you believe anything in these notes is inaccurate, email with "Correction Request" subject line.
Carole Hawke @hawke48223 6/188
@DetDocumenters @BridgeDet313 @chalkbeatDET @freep @metrotimes @michigan_public @media_outlier @PlanetDetroit @wdet @wxyzdetroit Calling to order. There are 7 of 9 council members present. Fred Durhall is running late, and Angela Whitfield-Calloway is not there. All others (Sheffield, Tate, Benson, Johnson, Santiago-Romero, Waters, Young) present.
Carole Hawke @hawke48223 9/188
@DetDocumenters @BridgeDet313 @chalkbeatDET @freep @metrotimes @michigan_public @media_outlier @PlanetDetroit @wdet @wxyzdetroit Coleman Young II giving honor to fathers for Father's Day. Also honoring women who take on the role of mother and father, as his mom did after his dad died. Also honoring people who serve the city and help it run. This will be Spirit of Detroit awards.
Carole Hawke @hawke48223 10/188
@DetDocumenters @BridgeDet313 @chalkbeatDET @freep @metrotimes @michigan_public @media_outlier @PlanetDetroit @wdet @wxyzdetroit Sgt. James Knox receiving Spirit of Detroit award for service with DPD. Also Corporals Latasha Brown, Derrick Dickson, Dwight Featherstone, Timothy Blake, Lloyd Leonard, Derrick Watkins, Etonya Livingstone, Christina Rozier.
Carole Hawke @hawke48223 11/188
@DetDocumenters @BridgeDet313 @chalkbeatDET @freep @metrotimes @michigan_public @media_outlier @PlanetDetroit @wdet @wxyzdetroit Also Justin Hampton, Ronald Foster, Raymond Solomon (posthumously), David Whittaker, Irvin Corley, Jr., Marcel Tyde, Derrick Head, Kimberly Reeves, Regina Rogers, Yolanda Watson.
Carole Hawke @hawke48223 12/188
Carole Hawke @hawke48223 13/188
@DetDocumenters @BridgeDet313 @chalkbeatDET @freep @metrotimes @michigan_public @media_outlier @PlanetDetroit @wdet @wxyzdetroit Turning the floor over to James Tate for a presentation on "testimonial resolution to Donald Rencher" (according to agenda).
Carole Hawke @hawke48223 14/188
@DetDocumenters @BridgeDet313 @chalkbeatDET @freep @metrotimes @michigan_public @media_outlier @PlanetDetroit @wdet @wxyzdetroit Donald Rencher got an initiation to community development in Brightmoor. He fell into a situation that he didn't create and is working on unravelling the Brightmoor Homes conundrum.
Carole Hawke @hawke48223 16/188
@DetDocumenters @BridgeDet313 @chalkbeatDET @freep @metrotimes @michigan_public @media_outlier @PlanetDetroit @wdet @wxyzdetroit Pres. Pro Tem Tate reading the resolution honoring all of Rencher's work on affordable housing for residents.
Carole Hawke @hawke48223 17/188
@DetDocumenters @BridgeDet313 @chalkbeatDET @freep @metrotimes @michigan_public @media_outlier @PlanetDetroit @wdet @wxyzdetroit Rencher is now working with Hudson Webber Foundation and shared about his work there.
Carole Hawke @hawke48223 18/188
@DetDocumenters @BridgeDet313 @chalkbeatDET @freep @metrotimes @michigan_public @media_outlier @PlanetDetroit @wdet @wxyzdetroit Tate now presenting testimonial resolution for Derrick Headd. He worked 38 years for the city of Detroit as part of the legislative policy division which analyzes the data to allow council to make good decisions for the city.
Carole Hawke @hawke48223 19/188
@DetDocumenters @BridgeDet313 @chalkbeatDET @freep @metrotimes @michigan_public @media_outlier @PlanetDetroit @wdet @wxyzdetroit Headd will be moving on to the Detroit Economic Growth Corporation (DEGC).
Carole Hawke @hawke48223 20/188
@DetDocumenters @BridgeDet313 @chalkbeatDET @freep @metrotimes @michigan_public @media_outlier @PlanetDetroit @wdet @wxyzdetroit Headd made comments, and now Sheffield thanking him for his mentorship of her and patience in explaining all manner of financial and tax abatement procedures as she was getting her start on city council.
Carole Hawke @hawke48223 21/188
@DetDocumenters @BridgeDet313 @chalkbeatDET @freep @metrotimes @michigan_public @media_outlier @PlanetDetroit @wdet @wxyzdetroit Council members Calloway and Johnson also thanking Headd for his service, professionalism, dedication, being open to explain and help at any time.
Carole Hawke @hawke48223 23/188
@DetDocumenters @BridgeDet313 @chalkbeatDET @freep @metrotimes @michigan_public @media_outlier @PlanetDetroit @wdet @wxyzdetroit Now moving on to the agenda. Moving fast through the agenda for the different items being moved to committees.
Carole Hawke @hawke48223 24/188
@DetDocumenters @BridgeDet313 @chalkbeatDET @freep @metrotimes @michigan_public @media_outlier @PlanetDetroit @wdet @wxyzdetroit Moving to public comments. First commenter asking for the $600 million in missing property taxes. Agrees with Calloway about her presentation last week regarding solar.
Carole Hawke @hawke48223 25/188
@DetDocumenters @BridgeDet313 @chalkbeatDET @freep @metrotimes @michigan_public @media_outlier @PlanetDetroit @wdet @wxyzdetroit Next commenter has abandoned property across from her at 2434 Field Street. They should have torn the house down. Someone came and bought the house but doesn't keep it up, so it falls to the block club. ARPA money should continue to come in to demolish houses.
Carole Hawke @hawke48223 26/188
@DetDocumenters @BridgeDet313 @chalkbeatDET @freep @metrotimes @michigan_public @media_outlier @PlanetDetroit @wdet @wxyzdetroit These comments are limited to one minute! That is very short. They can't really say much in that time. First two have been just warming up as they are cut off.
Carole Hawke @hawke48223 27/188
@DetDocumenters @BridgeDet313 @chalkbeatDET @freep @metrotimes @michigan_public @media_outlier @PlanetDetroit @wdet @wxyzdetroit Third commenter talking about need for houses on the east side which need to be torn down. They are ostensibly owned by a developer but are not maintained.
Carole Hawke @hawke48223 28/188
@DetDocumenters @BridgeDet313 @chalkbeatDET @freep @metrotimes @michigan_public @media_outlier @PlanetDetroit @wdet @wxyzdetroit The same commenter is also in favor of solar. First three commenters are all mentioning solar.
Carole Hawke @hawke48223 29/188
@DetDocumenters @BridgeDet313 @chalkbeatDET @freep @metrotimes @michigan_public @media_outlier @PlanetDetroit @wdet @wxyzdetroit Council President Sheffield clarifying that there is no plan to take money away from demolition. Have asked residents questions about using money, but this is not a plan to take away the money from demolitions.
Carole Hawke @hawke48223 30/188
@DetDocumenters @BridgeDet313 @chalkbeatDET @freep @metrotimes @michigan_public @media_outlier @PlanetDetroit @wdet @wxyzdetroit Fourth commenter echoes second commenter. Need help in Islandview neighborhood.
Carole Hawke @hawke48223 31/188
@DetDocumenters @BridgeDet313 @chalkbeatDET @freep @metrotimes @michigan_public @media_outlier @PlanetDetroit @wdet @wxyzdetroit Fifth commenter coming with a list of properties that need to be demolished. These are so dangerous and could result in kids and youth being abducted and taken into abandoned houses.
Carole Hawke @hawke48223 32/188
@DetDocumenters @BridgeDet313 @chalkbeatDET @freep @metrotimes @michigan_public @media_outlier @PlanetDetroit @wdet @wxyzdetroit Next commenter has a property which needs to be demolished. Shared address.
Carole Hawke @hawke48223 33/188
@DetDocumenters @BridgeDet313 @chalkbeatDET @freep @metrotimes @michigan_public @media_outlier @PlanetDetroit @wdet @wxyzdetroit Next commenter also from D5. Listing addresses. Thanks Sheffield for clarifying that there is still money for demolitions in D5.
Carole Hawke @hawke48223 34/188
@DetDocumenters @BridgeDet313 @chalkbeatDET @freep @metrotimes @michigan_public @media_outlier @PlanetDetroit @wdet @wxyzdetroit Next commenter from Mitchell Street. He is the only house on the block which is occupied. There is a property which is abandoned-- he cuts the grass, but there are rodents and problems. It has been abandoned for over 20 years. Can it be demolished?
Carole Hawke @hawke48223 35/188
@DetDocumenters @BridgeDet313 @chalkbeatDET @freep @metrotimes @michigan_public @media_outlier @PlanetDetroit @wdet @wxyzdetroit Sheffield apologizes to D5 neighbors that there has been confusion with contracts for the demolition in properties in D5. Is calling for someone from demolition to get on the phone to address the status of all of these properties.
Carole Hawke @hawke48223 36/188
@DetDocumenters @BridgeDet313 @chalkbeatDET @freep @metrotimes @michigan_public @media_outlier @PlanetDetroit @wdet @wxyzdetroit Next commenter talking about lack of transparency for voting. Says that people who have not voted absentee have had their names forged on absentee ballots. Need council to bring witnesses forward so that these issues can be addressed.
Carole Hawke @hawke48223 37/188
@DetDocumenters @BridgeDet313 @chalkbeatDET @freep @metrotimes @michigan_public @media_outlier @PlanetDetroit @wdet @wxyzdetroit Next commenter talking about the importance of our children seeing that Black people can lead organizations and government.
Carole Hawke @hawke48223 38/188
@DetDocumenters @BridgeDet313 @chalkbeatDET @freep @metrotimes @michigan_public @media_outlier @PlanetDetroit @wdet @wxyzdetroit Next commenter thanks for the help she has received, but believes that agencies and absentee landlords need to be checked up on. Housing should benefit for people who live in the city.
Carole Hawke @hawke48223 39/188
@DetDocumenters @BridgeDet313 @chalkbeatDET @freep @metrotimes @michigan_public @media_outlier @PlanetDetroit @wdet @wxyzdetroit D3 resident is in support of solar panels. Supports council paying people for early buy-out for homes.
Carole Hawke @hawke48223 40/188
@DetDocumenters @BridgeDet313 @chalkbeatDET @freep @metrotimes @michigan_public @media_outlier @PlanetDetroit @wdet @wxyzdetroit D5 resident and community advocate thanks for clarification regarding money for demolitions. Has 10 addresses to share. Also assumes that the solar discussion is for later, so will save comments for that discussion.
Carole Hawke @hawke48223 41/188
@DetDocumenters @BridgeDet313 @chalkbeatDET @freep @metrotimes @michigan_public @media_outlier @PlanetDetroit @wdet @wxyzdetroit Tate: Residents in favor of solar farms-- are you aware of what solar farms will look like? This has not been answered for D1 residents. What will they look like from your homes?
Carole Hawke @hawke48223 42/188
@DetDocumenters @BridgeDet313 @chalkbeatDET @freep @metrotimes @michigan_public @media_outlier @PlanetDetroit @wdet @wxyzdetroit Residents definitely want blight taken out. What is being pushed is demolition and solar panels. We have to ask tough questions. Remember that what you want for your home and your neighborhood. Solar farms take up a lot of land which then can't be used for housing.
Carole Hawke @hawke48223 43/188
@DetDocumenters @BridgeDet313 @chalkbeatDET @freep @metrotimes @michigan_public @media_outlier @PlanetDetroit @wdet @wxyzdetroit Calloway also adds that these farms will use up a lot of land which will not be used for houses. The solar farms will also not reduce rates.
Carole Hawke @hawke48223 44/188
@DetDocumenters @BridgeDet313 @chalkbeatDET @freep @metrotimes @michigan_public @media_outlier @PlanetDetroit @wdet @wxyzdetroit Calloway: DTE is already talking about more rate hikes. The energy will be used for buildings. Shouldn't these panels be put on the buildings which will use the energy? Solar farms will not lower rates.
Carole Hawke @hawke48223 45/188
@DetDocumenters @BridgeDet313 @chalkbeatDET @freep @metrotimes @michigan_public @media_outlier @PlanetDetroit @wdet @wxyzdetroit Santiago-Romero: Favor solar and also affordable housing. Residents do need to be very involved in this process. Ask the hard questions. Send ideas. Be creative. We need to get this right so that it works for residents.
Carole Hawke @hawke48223 46/188
@DetDocumenters @BridgeDet313 @chalkbeatDET @freep @metrotimes @michigan_public @media_outlier @PlanetDetroit @wdet @wxyzdetroit Calloway: Residents, please go back and watch the hearing from (public health and safety?? didn't catch that) from yesterday. These are developers coming in from Boston and all over. Detroit is not a rural area. Put solar on buildings, along I-96 where grass is already too high.
Carole Hawke @hawke48223 47/188
@DetDocumenters @BridgeDet313 @chalkbeatDET @freep @metrotimes @michigan_public @media_outlier @PlanetDetroit @wdet @wxyzdetroit Another council member-- can't tell who, maybe Durhall or Young-- disagrees. Goes through the benefits to homeowners. Also, if this doesn't happen, we have to pipe in energy from all over the country. The higher fees for this will be passed along to residents in property taxes.
Carole Hawke @hawke48223 48/188
@DetDocumenters @BridgeDet313 @chalkbeatDET @freep @metrotimes @michigan_public @media_outlier @PlanetDetroit @wdet @wxyzdetroit Same council member: 30% of residents are energy burdened, meaning that they spend more than 6% of income on energy. We need to do all we can to reduce this burden.
Carole Hawke @hawke48223 49/188
@DetDocumenters @BridgeDet313 @chalkbeatDET @freep @metrotimes @michigan_public @media_outlier @PlanetDetroit @wdet @wxyzdetroit Next commenter is the owner of CMAX scooter company . He is the only scooter company whose owner is a Detroit resident. Had his permit denied because his company is too small. Asked for this to be overturned. Sheffield got name and will look into it.
Carole Hawke @hawke48223 50/188
@DetDocumenters @BridgeDet313 @chalkbeatDET @freep @metrotimes @michigan_public @media_outlier @PlanetDetroit @wdet @wxyzdetroit Next commenter Islandview resident also echoing concerns about abandoned property.
Carole Hawke @hawke48223 51/188
@DetDocumenters @BridgeDet313 @chalkbeatDET @freep @metrotimes @michigan_public @media_outlier @PlanetDetroit @wdet @wxyzdetroit Next commenter says that the inconsistency of energy is a real problem. Solar power for residents would be excellent. This is happening in DC and can happen here, as well. Detroit should lead energy democracy with solar power for residents.
Carole Hawke @hawke48223 52/188
@DetDocumenters @BridgeDet313 @chalkbeatDET @freep @metrotimes @michigan_public @media_outlier @PlanetDetroit @wdet @wxyzdetroit Concludes in-person comments. Now will move into virtual comments. There were 41 hands raised for this.
Carole Hawke @hawke48223 53/188
@DetDocumenters @BridgeDet313 @chalkbeatDET @freep @metrotimes @michigan_public @media_outlier @PlanetDetroit @wdet @wxyzdetroit Caller expressing support for D2 solar project near State Fairgrounds. Echoes concern about danger posed by empty houses.
Carole Hawke @hawke48223 54/188
@DetDocumenters @BridgeDet313 @chalkbeatDET @freep @metrotimes @michigan_public @media_outlier @PlanetDetroit @wdet @wxyzdetroit Professor calling regarding contract for independent evaluator. Was supposed to be working in Feb and it's now July. Asking that Duggan admin be held to account for delay. Need accountability for property tax over assessment.
Carole Hawke @hawke48223 55/188
@DetDocumenters @BridgeDet313 @chalkbeatDET @freep @metrotimes @michigan_public @media_outlier @PlanetDetroit @wdet @wxyzdetroit Next caller supports solar initiative. Has been presented to residents as a program that would beautify city with bike paths even as it provides energy. Combats blight, so kills two birds with one stone.
Carole Hawke @hawke48223 56/188
@DetDocumenters @BridgeDet313 @chalkbeatDET @freep @metrotimes @michigan_public @media_outlier @PlanetDetroit @wdet @wxyzdetroit Next caller from D7 loves her home. She and her neighbors struggle with property tax bills which require them to cut back on necessities and repairs. There needs to be an independent assessor to address inflated tax bills.
Carole Hawke @hawke48223 57/188
@DetDocumenters @BridgeDet313 @chalkbeatDET @freep @metrotimes @michigan_public @media_outlier @PlanetDetroit @wdet @wxyzdetroit Caller advocates Coalition for Property Tax Justice. Detroiters face some of the highest property taxes in the country. Over $600 million taken from residents in unjust property taxes. Council should intervene and appoint an independent investigator, as Duggan has dragged feet.
Carole Hawke @hawke48223 58/188
@DetDocumenters @BridgeDet313 @chalkbeatDET @freep @metrotimes @michigan_public @media_outlier @PlanetDetroit @wdet @wxyzdetroit Next caller reminds that there is illegal overtaxation and city was mandated to put into place independent investigator. This hasn't happened! It needs to.
Carole Hawke @hawke48223 59/188
@DetDocumenters @BridgeDet313 @chalkbeatDET @freep @metrotimes @michigan_public @media_outlier @PlanetDetroit @wdet @wxyzdetroit Next caller says that city needs to encourage Black and brown residents to move back by fixing problems with taxes and water.
Carole Hawke @hawke48223 60/188
@DetDocumenters @BridgeDet313 @chalkbeatDET @freep @metrotimes @michigan_public @media_outlier @PlanetDetroit @wdet @wxyzdetroit Next caller talking pros and cons of solar projects. Should be in places which face no hope of development. Instead, choosing some neighborhoods which are up and coming. Also, vote Biden!
Carole Hawke @hawke48223 61/188
Carole Hawke @hawke48223 63/188
@DetDocumenters @BridgeDet313 @chalkbeatDET @freep @metrotimes @michigan_public @media_outlier @PlanetDetroit @wdet @wxyzdetroit D7 caller listing some properties for demolition. Also, when will city be cutting the grass-- we've had so much rain, and it's so tall. Also supports independent evaluation contract.
Carole Hawke @hawke48223 64/188
@DetDocumenters @BridgeDet313 @chalkbeatDET @freep @metrotimes @michigan_public @media_outlier @PlanetDetroit @wdet @wxyzdetroit Caller talking about funding for the solar. It comes from money that should be for lighting. Is it legal to use my tax money for this? If it was for homes, or for rec centers, okay, but not for downtown. If downtown can't light itself, go home.
Carole Hawke @hawke48223 65/188
@DetDocumenters @BridgeDet313 @chalkbeatDET @freep @metrotimes @michigan_public @media_outlier @PlanetDetroit @wdet @wxyzdetroit D7 caller about solar initiative. Remembers when Detroit housed 2.3 million people. But now there's so much vacant land. Let homeowners use vacant land to benefit themselves. Also, now sitting with 14 young people who are learning about solar energy. Let's get this installed.
Carole Hawke @hawke48223 66/188
@DetDocumenters @BridgeDet313 @chalkbeatDET @freep @metrotimes @michigan_public @media_outlier @PlanetDetroit @wdet @wxyzdetroit Next caller points out that solar is always put in urban communities-- not suburbs. This was made for rural areas. What about the environmental/ health effects? Also, need independent assessor immediately to address $600 overtaxation.
Carole Hawke @hawke48223 67/188
@DetDocumenters @BridgeDet313 @chalkbeatDET @freep @metrotimes @michigan_public @media_outlier @PlanetDetroit @wdet @wxyzdetroit Next caller: Why hasn't there been P&DD out to write blight tickets for her building? Elevators broken, animals urinating in apartment hallways, grass taller than a 4'11'' person. Sent pictures this morning. Sheffield: Will look at pictures and respond.
Carole Hawke @hawke48223 68/188
@DetDocumenters @BridgeDet313 @chalkbeatDET @freep @metrotimes @michigan_public @media_outlier @PlanetDetroit @wdet @wxyzdetroit Next caller reminds that this is Disability Pride Month. Making suggestion to think about accessibility for people in neighborhoods.
Carole Hawke @hawke48223 69/188
@DetDocumenters @BridgeDet313 @chalkbeatDET @freep @metrotimes @michigan_public @media_outlier @PlanetDetroit @wdet @wxyzdetroit Next caller from D5. Calling for independent evaluator contract to be passed. It should have been passed earlier this year. This was required by law and is also the right thing to do for Detroiters.
Carole Hawke @hawke48223 70/188
@DetDocumenters @BridgeDet313 @chalkbeatDET @freep @metrotimes @michigan_public @media_outlier @PlanetDetroit @wdet @wxyzdetroit Next caller concerned with Tireman-Minnock Park-- no shade or flowers, uneven grass, etc. Needs an upgrade.
Carole Hawke @hawke48223 71/188
@DetDocumenters @BridgeDet313 @chalkbeatDET @freep @metrotimes @michigan_public @media_outlier @PlanetDetroit @wdet @wxyzdetroit Next caller totally against solar panels. Went to several meetings-- what homeowners are offered is not worth it. Calloway is a caring council member who understand that we need to prioritize people and residents rather than solar panels.
Carole Hawke @hawke48223 72/188
@DetDocumenters @BridgeDet313 @chalkbeatDET @freep @metrotimes @michigan_public @media_outlier @PlanetDetroit @wdet @wxyzdetroit Next caller concerned with western Corktown. There is no parking. Solutions could include opening parking lots for residents. Also could use shuttles. Calling city council to bring all parties together to come up with solutions to parking in Corktown.
Carole Hawke @hawke48223 73/188
@DetDocumenters @BridgeDet313 @chalkbeatDET @freep @metrotimes @michigan_public @media_outlier @PlanetDetroit @wdet @wxyzdetroit Next caller in support of independent audit looking at property taxes. Almost lost her own home to overtaxation. Saw many others losing property. She and D7 neighbors value their homes and chance to hand down intergenerational wealth.
Carole Hawke @hawke48223 74/188
@DetDocumenters @BridgeDet313 @chalkbeatDET @freep @metrotimes @michigan_public @media_outlier @PlanetDetroit @wdet @wxyzdetroit Next caller insists that we need to understand, regarding public lighting, what has already happened and what has been agreed to. Coleman Young II and the mayor need to recuse themselves until this is figured out.
Carole Hawke @hawke48223 75/188
@DetDocumenters @BridgeDet313 @chalkbeatDET @freep @metrotimes @michigan_public @media_outlier @PlanetDetroit @wdet @wxyzdetroit Next caller says need independent auditor to get to the bottom of property tax issue.
Carole Hawke @hawke48223 77/188
@DetDocumenters @BridgeDet313 @chalkbeatDET @freep @metrotimes @michigan_public @media_outlier @PlanetDetroit @wdet @wxyzdetroit Next caller gives out bus tickets. DDOT is only on time 70% of the time, so glad to give out bus tickets to bring some joy. Tired of people asking whom he will vote for, but our ancestors died for this right, so will be voting, even if the energy is low this cycle.
Carole Hawke @hawke48223 78/188
@DetDocumenters @BridgeDet313 @chalkbeatDET @freep @metrotimes @michigan_public @media_outlier @PlanetDetroit @wdet @wxyzdetroit Next caller regarding fraudulent ballots in the 2020 election. Says Tate and Sheffield weren't elected fairly.
Carole Hawke @hawke48223 79/188
Carole Hawke @hawke48223 80/188
@DetDocumenters @BridgeDet313 @chalkbeatDET @freep @metrotimes @michigan_public @media_outlier @PlanetDetroit @wdet @wxyzdetroit Next caller in support of independent evaluator for property tax assessments. City has been overassessing.
Carole Hawke @hawke48223 81/188
@DetDocumenters @BridgeDet313 @chalkbeatDET @freep @metrotimes @michigan_public @media_outlier @PlanetDetroit @wdet @wxyzdetroit Next caller is part of greenspace projects. Calling in support of solar projects and in support of demolition on Exeter Street. We need demolitions for safer and greener communities.
Carole Hawke @hawke48223 82/188
@DetDocumenters @BridgeDet313 @chalkbeatDET @freep @metrotimes @michigan_public @media_outlier @PlanetDetroit @wdet @wxyzdetroit Next caller D3 resident. In support of demolitions to create safer neighborhoods.
Carole Hawke @hawke48223 83/188
@DetDocumenters @BridgeDet313 @chalkbeatDET @freep @metrotimes @michigan_public @media_outlier @PlanetDetroit @wdet @wxyzdetroit Just a comment from me that many callers also mentioned which block club they are leader of. :)
Carole Hawke @hawke48223 88/188
@DetDocumenters @BridgeDet313 @chalkbeatDET @freep @metrotimes @michigan_public @media_outlier @PlanetDetroit @wdet @wxyzdetroit Discussion about 15.1 which deals with compliance study of parcel assessment.
Carole Hawke @hawke48223 89/188
@DetDocumenters @BridgeDet313 @chalkbeatDET @freep @metrotimes @michigan_public @media_outlier @PlanetDetroit @wdet @wxyzdetroit Sheffield wants to know which years will be studied. Alvin Horhn, city of Detroit, got on the line to explain that this will be a study of 2024. There will not need to be a new amendment in order to also do a study for 2025 Contract can be extended to cover both years.
Carole Hawke @hawke48223 90/188
Carole Hawke @hawke48223 91/188
@DetDocumenters @BridgeDet313 @chalkbeatDET @freep @metrotimes @michigan_public @media_outlier @PlanetDetroit @wdet @wxyzdetroit Move for approval of 15.2 to 15.4. Benson has a question on 15.3 about systems reliability for Oracle. There have been many complaints. Nadim Zaidi says that they have contracted with a support for Oracle.
Carole Hawke @hawke48223 92/188
@DetDocumenters @BridgeDet313 @chalkbeatDET @freep @metrotimes @michigan_public @media_outlier @PlanetDetroit @wdet @wxyzdetroit Johnson asking about 15.2. Have we compared the fees for this rather than DivDat? Benson says that DivDat will remain and residents will have more options for paying. Johnson gets a lot of complaints about the fees charged to residents by DivDat.
Carole Hawke @hawke48223 93/188
@DetDocumenters @BridgeDet313 @chalkbeatDET @freep @metrotimes @michigan_public @media_outlier @PlanetDetroit @wdet @wxyzdetroit Answer: No fees to city but fees to residents. Fee to pay through Paymentus by credit card is 2.5%. Fee if you provide email or cell phone number is $0. Want this because it allows the company to reach out proactively.
Carole Hawke @hawke48223 94/188
@DetDocumenters @BridgeDet313 @chalkbeatDET @freep @metrotimes @michigan_public @media_outlier @PlanetDetroit @wdet @wxyzdetroit Know that there is a large unbanked population in the city. Can take bill to a kiosk at a pharmacy and soon at Meijer and pay with cash.
Carole Hawke @hawke48223 95/188
@DetDocumenters @BridgeDet313 @chalkbeatDET @freep @metrotimes @michigan_public @media_outlier @PlanetDetroit @wdet @wxyzdetroit Clarify, not 2.5% but 2.35% fee for paying with credit card. (These answers were coming from someone, who was there to answer these questions, but it was not clear who.)
Carole Hawke @hawke48223 96/188
@DetDocumenters @BridgeDet313 @chalkbeatDET @freep @metrotimes @michigan_public @media_outlier @PlanetDetroit @wdet @wxyzdetroit Johnson: What is the process for paying property taxes? Answer: Can pay by DivDat, by mobile DivDat, by web DivDat, can mail a check, can pay by cash in kiosk. Currently it's hard for people to see what has or hasn't been paid. Paymentus is a more updated technology.
Carole Hawke @hawke48223 97/188
@DetDocumenters @BridgeDet313 @chalkbeatDET @freep @metrotimes @michigan_public @media_outlier @PlanetDetroit @wdet @wxyzdetroit Johnson: Thanks for your help to residents. Can residents still pay through a bank?
Carole Hawke @hawke48223 98/188
@DetDocumenters @BridgeDet313 @chalkbeatDET @freep @metrotimes @michigan_public @media_outlier @PlanetDetroit @wdet @wxyzdetroit Answer: Some residents don't have a mortgage, which makes it easier to budget. Pay ahead program allows residents to put money in monthly, an when July tax bill comes due the money in account gets swept into pay bill automatically. Currnelty interface clunky-- trying to improve.
Carole Hawke @hawke48223 101/188
@DetDocumenters @BridgeDet313 @chalkbeatDET @freep @metrotimes @michigan_public @media_outlier @PlanetDetroit @wdet @wxyzdetroit Approval for waiver attached to resolutions 15.8 to 15.10. (Going fast through these, so I am not catching all of these-- maybe check the transcripts for more info!)
Carole Hawke @hawke48223 102/188
Carole Hawke @hawke48223 103/188
@DetDocumenters @BridgeDet313 @chalkbeatDET @freep @metrotimes @michigan_public @media_outlier @PlanetDetroit @wdet @wxyzdetroit On 15.12, solar issue. Will be asking for a postponement for 15.12 because need to have more conversations and have more information.
Carole Hawke @hawke48223 104/188
@DetDocumenters @BridgeDet313 @chalkbeatDET @freep @metrotimes @michigan_public @media_outlier @PlanetDetroit @wdet @wxyzdetroit 15.13 condo construction on south side of Pallister at Woodrow Wilson. NEZ application. I think it passed--??
Carole Hawke @hawke48223 105/188
@DetDocumenters @BridgeDet313 @chalkbeatDET @freep @metrotimes @michigan_public @media_outlier @PlanetDetroit @wdet @wxyzdetroit Moving on to Johnson and unfinished business. Moved to pass 16.1 Unanimous approval by roll call.
Carole Hawke @hawke48223 107/188
Carole Hawke @hawke48223 111/188
@DetDocumenters @BridgeDet313 @chalkbeatDET @freep @metrotimes @michigan_public @media_outlier @PlanetDetroit @wdet @wxyzdetroit Question on 16.10. Sonia Clifton of Office of Contracting and Procurement can speak to part of the question but not rationale, so will hold off on this until the end.
Carole Hawke @hawke48223 113/188
@DetDocumenters @BridgeDet313 @chalkbeatDET @freep @metrotimes @michigan_public @media_outlier @PlanetDetroit @wdet @wxyzdetroit Darryl Conrad answer question for Calloway. Q: Where are these temps located throughout the city. Is city hiring tems? A: These are actually not temporary but are full-time ARPA employees. These fill some of the hard-to-fill applications. Company charges a fee to find them.
Carole Hawke @hawke48223 114/188
@DetDocumenters @BridgeDet313 @chalkbeatDET @freep @metrotimes @michigan_public @media_outlier @PlanetDetroit @wdet @wxyzdetroit Q: So after the ARPA funding goes away, these employees go away? Because this is a temp service located out in Brighton. A: There is a huge shortage for workers in these jobs. Many of these workers (65%) live in Detroit. They may stay on after ARPA.
Carole Hawke @hawke48223 115/188
@DetDocumenters @BridgeDet313 @chalkbeatDET @freep @metrotimes @michigan_public @media_outlier @PlanetDetroit @wdet @wxyzdetroit Calloway: Interesting that we have to go to Brighton to find workers who live in Detroit.
Carole Hawke @hawke48223 116/188
@DetDocumenters @BridgeDet313 @chalkbeatDET @freep @metrotimes @michigan_public @media_outlier @PlanetDetroit @wdet @wxyzdetroit 16.10 approved, but over no vote from Sheffield and one other council member (didn't catch who).
Carole Hawke @hawke48223 117/188
Carole Hawke @hawke48223 122/188
@DetDocumenters @BridgeDet313 @chalkbeatDET @freep @metrotimes @michigan_public @media_outlier @PlanetDetroit @wdet @wxyzdetroit Not sure what happened with 16.20. Moving on to paper ballot voting for 16.21.
Carole Hawke @hawke48223 124/188
@DetDocumenters @BridgeDet313 @chalkbeatDET @freep @metrotimes @michigan_public @media_outlier @PlanetDetroit @wdet @wxyzdetroit LaTonya Richardson received 6 votes and was appointed to the Board of Ethics. Moving for approval on 16.22 to appoint LaTonya Richardson to Board of Ethics until 2029.
Carole Hawke @hawke48223 125/188
@DetDocumenters @BridgeDet313 @chalkbeatDET @freep @metrotimes @michigan_public @media_outlier @PlanetDetroit @wdet @wxyzdetroit Question about Peggy Goodwin for Tow Rate Commission. Needs clarification about Tow Rate Commission. Laura Goodspeed chair of Tow Rate Commission explains that this needs appointment from Environmental Dept (?), mayor's office, one from DPD(?), and one from city council.
Carole Hawke @hawke48223 126/188
@DetDocumenters @BridgeDet313 @chalkbeatDET @freep @metrotimes @michigan_public @media_outlier @PlanetDetroit @wdet @wxyzdetroit This deals wtih rates for police authorized tows. Charter requires that commission be convened every 2 years and make a recommendation to council regarding rate. It hasn't been convened since 2012.
Carole Hawke @hawke48223 127/188
@DetDocumenters @BridgeDet313 @chalkbeatDET @freep @metrotimes @michigan_public @media_outlier @PlanetDetroit @wdet @wxyzdetroit In 2022, reps of Tow Rate Commission went before Public Safety (?) to request increase in tow rates.
Carole Hawke @hawke48223 128/188
Carole Hawke @hawke48223 129/188
@DetDocumenters @BridgeDet313 @chalkbeatDET @freep @metrotimes @michigan_public @media_outlier @PlanetDetroit @wdet @wxyzdetroit Santiago-Romero: We reached out in April to find recommendations. This has been a hard process because of a lack of connections in the towing industry.
Carole Hawke @hawke48223 131/188
Carole Hawke @hawke48223 132/188
Carole Hawke @hawke48223 133/188
Carole Hawke @hawke48223 134/188
@DetDocumenters @BridgeDet313 @chalkbeatDET @freep @metrotimes @michigan_public @media_outlier @PlanetDetroit @wdet @wxyzdetroit Ordinance 17.4, 17.5, 17.6 not getting roll call votes but are moving forward and being approved with no objections.
Carole Hawke @hawke48223 139/188
@DetDocumenters @BridgeDet313 @chalkbeatDET @freep @metrotimes @michigan_public @media_outlier @PlanetDetroit @wdet @wxyzdetroit I have been placing screen shots for each of these, but to avoid killing you with screenshots, I will reiterate that these are available on…
Carole Hawke @hawke48223 141/188
@DetDocumenters @BridgeDet313 @chalkbeatDET @freep @metrotimes @michigan_public @media_outlier @PlanetDetroit @wdet @wxyzdetroit Sheffield clarifies that approval for demolition is challenging from an oversight perspective as the groups for demo is 60-70 properties.
Carole Hawke @hawke48223 142/188
@DetDocumenters @BridgeDet313 @chalkbeatDET @freep @metrotimes @michigan_public @media_outlier @PlanetDetroit @wdet @wxyzdetroit LaJuan Counts of Demolition Dept says that the old packages of demolition properties are getting smaller. They are now around 80 properties as draw closer to the end of inventory. Heading down to last 500-600 properties. Can provide photos and survey info for each property.
Carole Hawke @hawke48223 143/188
@DetDocumenters @BridgeDet313 @chalkbeatDET @freep @metrotimes @michigan_public @media_outlier @PlanetDetroit @wdet @wxyzdetroit Survey for each property is 15-20 pages, so this is a lot to overview. Also, google images can be old, very old, like 10 years old, and don't reflect current status of property. But this is available, and very good for properties of specific concern.
Carole Hawke @hawke48223 144/188
@DetDocumenters @BridgeDet313 @chalkbeatDET @freep @metrotimes @michigan_public @media_outlier @PlanetDetroit @wdet @wxyzdetroit Sheffield: Office is submitting memo with concern about lack of Detroit residents in demo contractors. Adamo has 3 of 75 employees who are Detroit residents. Comrich 4/85, and Salami 2/83. Procurement and CRIO should be aware.
Carole Hawke @hawke48223 145/188
@DetDocumenters @BridgeDet313 @chalkbeatDET @freep @metrotimes @michigan_public @media_outlier @PlanetDetroit @wdet @wxyzdetroit LaJuan Counts clarifies that those denominators are for total employees company-wide. As far as employees doing demo work in Detroit, Salami is 3/6; Adamo is 5/18; and Comrich is 3/11.
Carole Hawke @hawke48223 146/188
@DetDocumenters @BridgeDet313 @chalkbeatDET @freep @metrotimes @michigan_public @media_outlier @PlanetDetroit @wdet @wxyzdetroit Sheffield: This is still low for the volume of work being done in Detroit, so will still submit memo.
Carole Hawke @hawke48223 147/188
@DetDocumenters @BridgeDet313 @chalkbeatDET @freep @metrotimes @michigan_public @media_outlier @PlanetDetroit @wdet @wxyzdetroit Tate: To Ms. Counts, will we receive info about property batches well in advance so we can overview? And what is the timeline, because I'd like my people to go out and actually look at the properties.
Carole Hawke @hawke48223 148/188
@DetDocumenters @BridgeDet313 @chalkbeatDET @freep @metrotimes @michigan_public @media_outlier @PlanetDetroit @wdet @wxyzdetroit Counts: This last batch was submitted in March. Tate: Thanks, that's lots of time for us to look at properties.
Carole Hawke @hawke48223 149/188
@DetDocumenters @BridgeDet313 @chalkbeatDET @freep @metrotimes @michigan_public @media_outlier @PlanetDetroit @wdet @wxyzdetroit Another council member: Do we have stats for Detroit residents for Major? See them doing lots of work in our neighborhoods and have not seen any Black workers on any projects.
Carole Hawke @hawke48223 150/188
@DetDocumenters @BridgeDet313 @chalkbeatDET @freep @metrotimes @michigan_public @media_outlier @PlanetDetroit @wdet @wxyzdetroit Counts: Major does not have any direct contracts with Demolition Department. They may do some sub-contracting work, but no direct contracts that I know of. Will look this up for sure. They work with DPW.
Carole Hawke @hawke48223 151/188
@DetDocumenters @BridgeDet313 @chalkbeatDET @freep @metrotimes @michigan_public @media_outlier @PlanetDetroit @wdet @wxyzdetroit Johnson: Have heard of some irregularities in my district. Counts: There is often a case in which a property is on list because owner has not gone the correct route, but then we help them submit a deferral through BSEED. But then they have a timeline to bring property up to code.
Carole Hawke @hawke48223 152/188
@DetDocumenters @BridgeDet313 @chalkbeatDET @freep @metrotimes @michigan_public @media_outlier @PlanetDetroit @wdet @wxyzdetroit Counts: Once we have an approved letter of deferral, the demolition work ceases. But we continue to move toward demo until the property is restored. We want people to restore property. But we can't continue to have vacant and dangerous properties.
Carole Hawke @hawke48223 153/188
@DetDocumenters @BridgeDet313 @chalkbeatDET @freep @metrotimes @michigan_public @media_outlier @PlanetDetroit @wdet @wxyzdetroit Motion to approve 18.1 and 18.2. Santiago-Romero and Calloway object to approving resolutions, but they are approved.
Carole Hawke @hawke48223 155/188
Carole Hawke @hawke48223 156/188
@DetDocumenters @BridgeDet313 @chalkbeatDET @freep @metrotimes @michigan_public @media_outlier @PlanetDetroit @wdet @wxyzdetroit Tate has a question about the big discrepancies between the bids on some of the properties.
Carole Hawke @hawke48223 157/188
@DetDocumenters @BridgeDet313 @chalkbeatDET @freep @metrotimes @michigan_public @media_outlier @PlanetDetroit @wdet @wxyzdetroit Santiago-Romero wanted to hold a demolition on 18.7 if it has not been done. Counts said that it has not been demolished yet due to a power line in back yard and awaiting DTE. But it will be demolished as soon as that is cleard up.
Carole Hawke @hawke48223 158/188
@DetDocumenters @BridgeDet313 @chalkbeatDET @freep @metrotimes @michigan_public @media_outlier @PlanetDetroit @wdet @wxyzdetroit Moving 18.5 to 18.22 for approval. No objections, so they are approved. (With waiver for 18.22, 18.6, 18.15. 18.18.)
Carole Hawke @hawke48223 159/188
@DetDocumenters @BridgeDet313 @chalkbeatDET @freep @metrotimes @michigan_public @media_outlier @PlanetDetroit @wdet @wxyzdetroit Moving to 18.23 to 18.31. These are approachments. Waiver attached for 18.27, and all passed.
Carole Hawke @hawke48223 161/188
@DetDocumenters @BridgeDet313 @chalkbeatDET @freep @metrotimes @michigan_public @media_outlier @PlanetDetroit @wdet @wxyzdetroit Calloway is very concerned about 19.1 because this is a contract for a land speculator who has multiple blight tickets, housing discrimination lawsuits, taxes unpaid. Do we still have pending cases against this person, and now we are going to demolish properties on his behalf?!?
Carole Hawke @hawke48223 162/188
@DetDocumenters @BridgeDet313 @chalkbeatDET @freep @metrotimes @michigan_public @media_outlier @PlanetDetroit @wdet @wxyzdetroit 19.1 will be postponed for one week until Attorney Anderson can look into this. Calloway wants a list of all the properties that he owns, anything owing the city. LLCs listed in Bloomfield Hills, Farmington Hills, California. He should pay for his own demolitions.
Carole Hawke @hawke48223 163/188
@DetDocumenters @BridgeDet313 @chalkbeatDET @freep @metrotimes @michigan_public @media_outlier @PlanetDetroit @wdet @wxyzdetroit Line item 19.4. Same thing-- we are using ARPA funds to tear down buildings for Michael Kelly. He's been in the news a lot. Also 19.5 and 19.6. These guys buy properties and then expect us to tear them down? Let's postpone these items.
Carole Hawke @hawke48223 164/188
@DetDocumenters @BridgeDet313 @chalkbeatDET @freep @metrotimes @michigan_public @media_outlier @PlanetDetroit @wdet @wxyzdetroit LaJuan Counts: We share your concerns with these property owners, but the problem is that the properties are vacant and dangerous, so we need to get rid of them.
Carole Hawke @hawke48223 165/188
@DetDocumenters @BridgeDet313 @chalkbeatDET @freep @metrotimes @michigan_public @media_outlier @PlanetDetroit @wdet @wxyzdetroit Calloway: These homes are privately owned, so would the city be liable if someone is injured or the owner? Attorney: The city could not be sued. That would be the owner. But the city has a general and moral responsibility to get rid of hazards.
Carole Hawke @hawke48223 166/188
@DetDocumenters @BridgeDet313 @chalkbeatDET @freep @metrotimes @michigan_public @media_outlier @PlanetDetroit @wdet @wxyzdetroit Calloway: Can we take these individuals to court? Tomorrow? Next week? And hold them responsible for demo rather than using our APRA dollars? These guys buy and sit on properties and use our money. We have a responsibility for public safety but also for financial responsibility.
Carole Hawke @hawke48223 167/188
@DetDocumenters @BridgeDet313 @chalkbeatDET @freep @metrotimes @michigan_public @media_outlier @PlanetDetroit @wdet @wxyzdetroit Attorney: The problem with that route is that it takes a long time. It is nuisance abatement. They will fight it. We can demolish and then try to do financial recovery.
Carole Hawke @hawke48223 168/188
@DetDocumenters @BridgeDet313 @chalkbeatDET @freep @metrotimes @michigan_public @media_outlier @PlanetDetroit @wdet @wxyzdetroit Calloway: Why do these guys get a pass? When my parents' house caught on fire, we had to pay to have it demolished. These guys are getting the city to pay for their properties and they are laughing at us. They aren't even living here.
Carole Hawke @hawke48223 169/188
@DetDocumenters @BridgeDet313 @chalkbeatDET @freep @metrotimes @michigan_public @media_outlier @PlanetDetroit @wdet @wxyzdetroit Hard to see who is giving these responses. It is guys stepping up to the microphone. They will pass this information on to various departments.
Carole Hawke @hawke48223 170/188
@DetDocumenters @BridgeDet313 @chalkbeatDET @freep @metrotimes @michigan_public @media_outlier @PlanetDetroit @wdet @wxyzdetroit Benson: I hear you, Calloway. But who suffers from these buildings, from falling bricks, from the potential of children or women being dragged in and assaulted? Residents suffer, and we are obligated as a city to protect weaker residents from unscrupulous speculators.
Carole Hawke @hawke48223 171/188
@DetDocumenters @BridgeDet313 @chalkbeatDET @freep @metrotimes @michigan_public @media_outlier @PlanetDetroit @wdet @wxyzdetroit Calloway requests that these line items (19.1, 19.4, 19.5, 19.6) be postponed for one week. She wants to see pictures of these properties.
Carole Hawke @hawke48223 173/188
@DetDocumenters @BridgeDet313 @chalkbeatDET @freep @metrotimes @michigan_public @media_outlier @PlanetDetroit @wdet @wxyzdetroit Tate, Calloway, Sheffield are no on 19.2, 19.3. Objections on 19.2 and 19.3 from Santiago-Romero and Waters. Both 19.2 and 19.3 fail.
Carole Hawke @hawke48223 174/188
@DetDocumenters @BridgeDet313 @chalkbeatDET @freep @metrotimes @michigan_public @media_outlier @PlanetDetroit @wdet @wxyzdetroit On to 19.7. Santiago-Romero thanks council for supporting community engagement process for 19.7. Waters asked if GLWA already has liaisons for projects. She recommended that residents be considered as liaisons. Hire from the community.
Carole Hawke @hawke48223 175/188
@DetDocumenters @BridgeDet313 @chalkbeatDET @freep @metrotimes @michigan_public @media_outlier @PlanetDetroit @wdet @wxyzdetroit Waiver requested for 19.7. And one objection. Objection from Johnson is that GLWA still needs to address a particular matter by Friday. This was covered at a discussion at PHS yesterday.
Carole Hawke @hawke48223 176/188
@DetDocumenters @BridgeDet313 @chalkbeatDET @freep @metrotimes @michigan_public @media_outlier @PlanetDetroit @wdet @wxyzdetroit Benson wants to give assurance to Johnson, but also wants to me sure that we won't lose grant money if we postpone. A guy at the microphone (from GLWA?) says that the matter will be resolved by Friday.
Carole Hawke @hawke48223 177/188
@DetDocumenters @BridgeDet313 @chalkbeatDET @freep @metrotimes @michigan_public @media_outlier @PlanetDetroit @wdet @wxyzdetroit 19.8 on scheduling a closed session for next Tuesday at 2. Can we do that, as the council meetings have been running late? Voting by roll call, and failed with 8 out of 9 voting no. So 19.9 (closed session at 2:30) was removed.
Carole Hawke @hawke48223 178/188
@DetDocumenters @BridgeDet313 @chalkbeatDET @freep @metrotimes @michigan_public @media_outlier @PlanetDetroit @wdet @wxyzdetroit James Tate speaking about a resident who wants to
speak against proposed development of St Mary's Redford. Residents are distressed about this. Yes, there is a need for more housing, but the presentation which wad done by the developer was poorly-executed.
Carole Hawke @hawke48223 179/188
@DetDocumenters @BridgeDet313 @chalkbeatDET @freep @metrotimes @michigan_public @media_outlier @PlanetDetroit @wdet @wxyzdetroit Tate believes that the resident's request to petition council is premature, so resident should attend more community meetings, reach out to her council rep, have time to have more understanding about the project, before the council agrees to hear from her.
Carole Hawke @hawke48223 180/188
@DetDocumenters @BridgeDet313 @chalkbeatDET @freep @metrotimes @michigan_public @media_outlier @PlanetDetroit @wdet @wxyzdetroit Council members ask whether Tate has reached out to her with recommendations for other ways to make her voice heard. Some are uncomfortable with removing her request from the agenda because don't want her to feel that she hasn't been heard.
Carole Hawke @hawke48223 181/188
@DetDocumenters @BridgeDet313 @chalkbeatDET @freep @metrotimes @michigan_public @media_outlier @PlanetDetroit @wdet @wxyzdetroit Tate says he will reach out and ensure that her views are heard and she understands how to communicate her views and that she can reach out again if the project moves forward to concil.
Carole Hawke @hawke48223 183/188
@DetDocumenters @BridgeDet313 @chalkbeatDET @freep @metrotimes @michigan_public @media_outlier @PlanetDetroit @wdet @wxyzdetroit Something (which I don't see on the agenda?) regarding a compilation of bodies found in abandoned buildings and whether they are adults or children. Did I hear that correctly??
Carole Hawke @hawke48223 188/188
@DetDocumenters @BridgeDet313 @chalkbeatDET @freep @metrotimes @michigan_public @media_outlier @PlanetDetroit @wdet @wxyzdetroit If you believe anything in these notes is inaccurate, email with "Correction Request" subject line.


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Agency Information

Detroit City Council

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The Detroit City Council is the legislative body of Detroit, Michigan, United States. The Council is responsible for the creation of local laws—called ordinances. Additionally they pass resolutions, motions, and the proposed city budget. The full-time council is required to meet every business day for at least 10 months of the year, with at least eight of these meetings occurring at a location besides city hall. The council may convene for special meetings at the call of the mayor or at least four members of council. Areas of responsibility for the Budget, Finance and Audit Committee include, Budget, Finance and the Auditor General.

City Council members are elected on the same cycle as the Mayor and will be elected in 2021. Seven members represent the seven council districts, while two members are elected at-large.


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